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Trynyty Nylatron Pegs set

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The Trynyty Nylatron pegs are the first three piece design in the industry featuring a Nylatron sleeve with IRT(Patent Pending) Impact Redistribution Technology. These new pegs reduce breakage and bending while opening the door to an abundance  of otherwise unrideable spots and allowing for easy replacement of simply a sleeve rather than the peg in its entirety, reducing overall costs to the riders in the long run.

The Nylatron set features one long peg with an adapter and 2.75" axle to fit your fork for the front as well as one shorter peg with an adapter and 4" axle to fit your deck. 

Clearance, Scooter Pegs
0.34 lbs (152 grams)
Scooter Peg

Tools/Materials Needed: Metric # 6 Allen Wrench, Metric 13 Deep Socket

30 day manufacturer warranty.