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Tilt Better Bearings and Spacer Set

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Tilt Better Bearings have a quality rubber seal to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the bearing. Light grease in place of industry standard oil provides long-term lubrication. Precision chrome steel spacers are durable and will not compress under high loads, helping wheels stay dialed by preventing bearings from seizing.

These bearings don't say Abec, and we don't want them to. We want a fast, quality bearing that doesn't get crunchy with age. We want a Better Bearing.

Includes 2 HD bearing spacers for INSIDE the scooter wheel.

Scooter Wheel Bearings,
0.12 lbs (53 grams)
Wheel Bearings
Tilt Scooters
ABEC Rating

Tools/Materials Needed: Bearing Press or equivalent, Ball Bearing Grease

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