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Sacrifice Recon SCS Compression System

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The Sacrifice Recon SCS compression system is 3.5” tall which makes it suitable for pro scooter forks with longer steerer tubes or decks with short head tubes. Ideally, the steerer of your fork sticks up between 1.5” and 1 3/4” above your headset. Sacrifice Recon SCS comes with a shim so it can be used with both standard 1 1/4" outside diameter as well as  oversized 1 3/8" OD pro scooter bars and aluminum bars. Recon SCS comes in many anodized colors and is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. The clamp comes with compression cap and compression bolt.

THREADLESS FORKS ONLY! Because of their short steerer tube, not recommended with Phoenix, TILT, Ethic or Urban Artt forks.

Scooter Compression Systems
0.57 lbs (257 grams)
SCS 4" Dual
Bar Compatibility
Standard, oversized, aluminum
6061 Aluminum

Tools:  Allen wrench metric # 5, Starnut Setter (selected, mostly steel forks), Ball bearing grease or anti seize compound .

Put grease or anti seize compound on the threads of the clamp bolts and under the head of the bolts! This prevents bolts from getting stuck in the clamp and allows you to tighten the bolts better. This SCS is 4 inches tall so there is  2 inches of space in the clamp for your fork which means in some cases it may be required to trim your fork down so you have 1.5"- 1.75" steerer above headset . If you are not currently using an SCS  you will need to cut 2 inches off the bottom of your pro scooter bars as well to maintain your same bar height and remove the slit.
See also: http://www.scooterdad.com/article/proto-scs-installation

90 days Manufacturer warranty.