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Root Industries Premium Grips

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The Root Industries Premium grips are the result of 18 months research and development into finding the best formula for grips. Approved by Root Industries Team Riders Regan Thompson, Reece Jones, Nathan Fleming, Royce King and Moey Ahmad.

Root Industries premium grips have been molded in the classic ribbed design, which has been proven time and again to be the best design for comfort. The grips are 150mm long, which is slightly longer than most bicycle grips.

Where these grips really stand out from the rest is in the choice of material used to make them. The grips are manufactured from a secret kraton gel formula, which provides the most amazing soft feel, yet in our tests proved to be the longest lasting grip among them all. This combination of color, comfort and durability is what makes the Root Industries grips stand out from the crowd.

Root Industries Premium  grips come with two Nylon Bar ends that are strong against scraping and cutting and offer a good protection to your bar. Sold in Pairs.

Grips & Bar Ends,
0.30 lbs (134 grams)
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Root Industries
Grip Length

Use air compressor with small nozzle to blow air between bar and grip while sliding grip on. You can also use water or rubbing alcohol as a lubricant.