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Proto Sentinel SCS Compression Clamp

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The Proto Sentinel SCS is the most technically advanced Standard Compression System™. At 3.5" tall, it offers a full 2" of handlebar support to accommodate the taller bars we are seeing become more prominent which is over 30% more support than a 3" SCS™. It also features 8mm bolts with 6mm allen drives and an offset slot providing 25% more threads  allowing for increased torque and decreased chance of stripping. Its tapered top and base and two cutouts removed unnecessary material and weight. There is also a brand-new feature called the Spreader-Bolt which can be used opposite of the 4 main clamp bolts to open the clamp for easy installation and removal, totally eliminating the need for the "penny trick". The Proto Sentinel SCS clamp is suitable for forks with shorter steerer tubes. Ideally, the steerer of your fork sticks up between 1.25” and 1 3/8” above your headset. Proto Sentinel SCS is designed for standard 1 1/4" outside diameter pro scooter bars. The clamp is made of CNC machined 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum and comes in 3 anodized colors. The clamp comes with compression cap, Metric 6 compression bolt, spreader bolt, 4 Metric eight clamp bolts, and instructions.  Made in USA.

THREADLESS FORKS ONLY! Because of their long steerer tube, not recommended with District, Lucky, 5Starr, and MGP pro scooter forks.

Scooter Compression Systems
0.57 lbs (257 grams)
SCS 3"
Proto Scooters
Bar Compatibility
Made in
6061 Aluminum

Tools:  Allen wrench metric # 6, Starnut Setter (selected, mostly steel forks), Ball bearing grease or anti seize compound .


THREADLESS FORKS ONLY! Because of their long steerer tube, not recommended with District, Lucky, 5Starr, and MGP forks.
Put grease or anti seize compound on the threads of the clamp bolts and under the head of the bolts! This prevents bolts from getting stuck in the clamp and allows you to tighten the bolts better. Proto Sentinel SCS has 1.5 inches of space in the clamp for your pro scooter fork which means you want to have 1.3 - 1.4" steerer above headset . If you are not currently using an SCS  you will need to cut 1.5 inches off the bottom of your pro scooter bars as well to maintain your same bar height and remove the slit.
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Lifetime Manufacturer warranty against cracking. Stripping of the threads on clamp or bolt and stripping of bolt head is not covered under warranty. It is considered user error and will not be replaced.