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Phoenix Switchblade Mark 2 Flex Brake

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The new and improved Phoenix Mark 2 Switchblade pro scooter brake is now curved for more surface contact with the wheel. Best Flex brake around. Includes Rubber Damper, Metric #3 Allen Wrench, 2 Metric 5 Countersunk Bolts, 2 Washers, 2 Metric 5 Lock Nuts so it can be mounted on many pro scooter decks. You may have to drill new holes.  Fits Lucky decks. Fits 100 and 110mm wheels.

Scooter Brakes
0.15 lbs (70 grams)
Flex Brake
Phoenix Pro Scooters
Powder Coated
Made in

Tools/Materials Needed: Metric # 3 Allen Wrench, Metric # 5 socket or spanner. Drill and 5mm drill bit if you install it on other then Phoenix Deck.

Does NOT fit District, Addict, TSI, MGP with 2 holes side by side.

3 months manufacturer warranty.