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Phoenix Switchblade Mark 2 Flex Brake

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The new and improved Phoenix Mark 2 Switchblade pro scooter brake is now curved for more surface contact with the wheel. Best Flex brake around. Includes Rubber Damper, Metric #3 Allen Wrench, 2 Metric 5 Countersunk Bolts, 2 Washers, 2 Metric 5 Lock Nuts so it can be mounted on many pro scooter decks. You may have to drill new holes.  Fits Lucky and Madd Gear decks with in-line hole pattern. Fits 100 and 110mm wheels, 120mm when bent up.

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0.15 lbs (70 grams)
Flex Brake
Phoenix Pro Scooters
Powder Coated
Made in

Tools/Materials Needed: Metric # 3 Allen Wrench, Metric # 5 socket or spanner. Drill and 5mm drill bit if you install it on other then Phoenix Deck.

Does NOT fit District, Addict, TSI, MGP, Ethic with 2 holes side by side.

3 months manufacturer warranty.