PARK Tool Threaded Headset Wrench 32mm / 36mm HCW-15

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Headset wrench for tuning threaded pro scooter headsets. Designed to hold the threaded race while locking the locknut against it. Fits Razor, Ritchey Logic, Grit, FSA, and Aheadset threaded scooter headsets. Made in USA.

0.61 lbs (275 grams)
Headset Wrench
Park Tool
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Make sure you have the pro scooter fork in a locked position. Tighten the threaded race of the headset by hand so there is no play on the headset and it spins smoothly, tighten the lock-nut against the threaded race by hand. Hold the threaded race with this wrench while tightening the lock-nut clockwise against it with the adjustable wrench or pliers. Check play and smooth turning of the scooter headset. Make adjustments accordingly. This may take a few iterations before you have it right.

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