Original Rear Axle for Lucky Scooter decks

Inward Price:
$ 4.00

We are terribly sorry, the product is currently out of stock. Please call us to find out more, maybe we can suggest an even better alternative. (214) 908-4452

Original Rear axle for Lucky pro scooter decks and complete pro scooters.  Price is for 1 (one) axle. No wheel spacers are included. We also carry a replacement rear axle here: Replacement rear axle for Lucky Scooter Decks. 

Scooter Axles and Spacers, Scooter Hardware
0.05 lbs (21 grams)
Scooter Axle
Lucky Scooter

Tools: Metric # 5 Allen Wrench

30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.