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Lucky HIC Compression Set Aluminum

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This Lucky HIC compression set is meant for threadless pro scooter forks with threadless headsets and oversized bars. The set includes a 2.9" high shim made of raw 6061 aluminum, cap, and 45mm long metric 6 allen bolt.

This SCS works well with forks with long steerers such as Lucky, Phoenix, District or  on decks with short head tubes like MGP.

If you order this set together with a threadless fork that does not have metric 6 threads machined in, ask us, and we will install the star nut for free.

Scooter Compression Systems
0.11 lbs (51 grams)
Lucky Scooter
Bar Compatibility
6061 Aluminum

Tools: Allen wrench metric # 5, Star nut setter  (steel forks)


If your pro scooter fork does not have metric 6 threads machined in the top of the steerer tube, install starnut in fork steerer tube using a star nut setter. If you have an aluminum fork, you may need a 1 inch star nut. Install the fork through the headtube. Install top headset bearing, compression ring and headset cap. Make sure you have at least 2.0 inch but no more than 2.75" of steerer tube above the headset. Slide HIC shim over steerer tube. Place cap on top of shim. Tighten cap down with the compression bolt and a # 5 allen wrench until headset feels solid (no play) and still turns smoothly. Slide oversized bar over shim and clamp it.

Shim Height: 2.9 inch (75mm)

Recommended Bar Slit Length: 2 - 2.5 inch (depending on clamp height)

Recommended Clamp: Oversized clamp with 1.375 inch inside diameter,  maximum 2 inches high.

Star nut size: n.a.


60 days warranty against manufacturing defects.