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Scooter Replacement Axle / Peg axle

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This pro scooter axle is made from High Strength Heat Treated Alloy Steel. Choose between 1.75 and 5.0 inches long depending on your pro scooter brand. Price is for 1 (one) axle. 

Scooter Axles and Spacers, Scooter Hardware
0.06 lbs (29 grams)
Scooter Axle
Inward Scooters

Tools: Metric # 6 Allen Wrench, Deep Metric 13 Socket or wrench


For a clean look, hide the lock nut inside the peg. Use a deep metric 13 socket to tighten the nut while holding the axle with a metric # 6 Allen wrench. Socket may not fit inside some pro scooter pegs. Use washer provided on the side where the nut is.

To find the correct axle for your Scooter BrandSee: Which axle do I need with my scooter peg? 

30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.