Hella Grip Broadway Grips

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The Hella Grip Broadway Grips bring all the qualities you love about Hella Grip to your hands, and redefines what a superior handlebar grip should feel like. Introduce those palms to a new species of durability and comfort. Designed in-house and approved by The Hella Grip Homies. Sold in Pairs.

  • Thick, Crisscross Hatch Pattern for extra firm grip and enhanced grip life
  • 178mm grip length
  • Symmetrical pattern with groove-guides for easily cutting down grip length
  • Matching pair of OG Sloth end plugs
Grips & Bar Ends,
0.30 lbs (135 grams)
Scooter Grips
Hella grip
Grip Length

Use air compressor with small nozzle to blow air between bar and grip while sliding grip on. You can also use water or rubbing alcohol as a lubricant.