Hazard Scooter Griptape

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One 16.5" long and maximum 4.5" wide sheet of pro scooter griptape to cover a scooter deck. Please specify the width of your deck. Colors or patterns may vary.

Scooter Grip Tape
0.01 lbs (4 grams)
Grip Tape Length

Tools: Scissors or Box Cutter, Wall Paper Seam Roller

Lay grip tape upside on table one short side at edge. Lay deck upside down on grip tape with bottom of neck hanging over table edge. Trace around back of deck with pen or pencil. Cut excess tape away. Turn deck over. Remove about 2 inches of backing on front (neck) side. Line up against neck, line up rest of grip tape to back of deck. Press down the front 2 inches. Remove rest of the backing while pressing grip tape down moving backwards. Use wallpaper seam roller to press down grip tape.