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Ethic DTC Compression Screw

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We are out for vacation till September 5. We will resume taking orders on Saturday, September 1th. These orders will be shipped Wednesday September 5th. Thank you for your understanding.

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The Ethic ICS Compression Screw is designed to work with Ethic ICS pro scooter forks and Ethic pro scooter bars with the special star nut with metric 10 threads. Most other ICS systems have metric 6 threads. The compression bolt is hollow to save weight, and has a crater head making it easy to find the #5 allen wrench hole. The underside of the bolt head has a anti backlash surface to prevent the bolt from coming loose. The length of the threads is 45mm.

Scooter Hardware
0.05 lbs (22 grams)
Ethic DTC

Tools:  Allen wrench metric # 5

Ethic pro scooter Forks and special Ethic star nut with metric 10 threads required.

90 days manufacturer warranty.