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Ethic DTC Almasty Standard 26 Inch Bar

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The Ethic Almasty Standard pro scooter bar is one of of the lightest, most durable, easiest to handle and most stylish bars on the market today It's the first bar with forged gussets and has a butted cross bar. It fits on scooters with ICS and SCS compression as well as scooters with threaded forks. (Call us at 214-908-4452 if you have an MGP Madd Gear or Lucky scooter) This Ethic Almasty pro scooter bar can be ordered between 18 and 26 inches high and between 18 and 21 inches wide and has 3 degrees backsweep.

The Ethic Almasty Standard bar is made of heat treated 4130 Chromoly steel and comes powder coated in black or in polished chrome.  This pro scooter bar can be customized to fit any rider. See instructions for sizing details.

The Almasty bar does NOT fit on IHC and HIC compression. See instructions for details.

ATTENTION!  The Ethic Almasty Bars come with an Ethic star nut installed and are ready to run Ethic ICS. Because of the fixed starnut these bars can not be cut short for ICS or Threaded forks.

Please measure twice! Custom cut bars can not be exchanged or returned.

Scooter Bars
2.70 lbs (1225 grams)
Standard Scooter Bar
Ethic DTC
Bar Height
Minimum: 18 inch
Maximum: 26 inch
Bar Width
Minimum: 18 inch
Maximum: 21 inch
Compression Compatibility
Threaded Fork, ICS, SCS
Powder Coated
4130 Chromoly

No special tools needed.

We recommend that you refer to an existing scooter to determine the size of your new pro scooter bars.
HEIGHT: please measure from the bottom of the steering tube (where the clamp is) up to the top of the horizontal crossbars.

WIDTH; a good rule of thumb is to use AT LEAST your shoulder width.

If you have  SCS compression (to be purchased separately), Choose "no slit" and order the bars 1.5 inch shorter than normal.

If you have Ethic ICS compression (see picture below), order the bar 26" tall WITH a slit that is as high as your clamp or a bit higher.

If you have a threaded fork, order the bar 26" tall WITH a slit that is as high as your clamp or a bit higher.

MGP scooters have a bar that is 1 inch longer than most other brands. For example, a 22 inch high bar from another brand will feel like a 21 inch high bar on a MGP scooter.

90 days limited Manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.