Envy V2 Flanged Rear Wheel Spacer Set

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$ 5.00

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This V2 Envy Scooter flanged rear wheel spacer set is designed to slide BETWEEN THE WHEEL and DECK drop-outs from the outside on later model ENVY pro scooter decks like KOS, Envy One and Prodigy with Nylon flex brake. It has a slightly larger outside diameter (10.9mm) than the V1 spacer from earlier models. Please double check the outside diameter before ordering.

Some Envy decks may need these spacers. Please make sure you get the correct ones.

If you have an Envy deck with a steel brake, you can not use these spacers. Sold in Pairs.

Scooter Axles and Spacers, Scooter Hardware
0.02 lbs (10 grams)
Scooter Wheel Spacers

Tools: No special tools needed

Place between deck drop-outs and wheel.

30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.