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Envy 2018 Scooter Rear Wheel Spacer Set

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$ 5.00
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This Envy 2018 Scooter rear wheel spacer set is designed to go BETWEEN THE WHEEL and DECK drop-outs of Envy AOS V4 LTD Signature pro scooter decks as well as Envy One S2, Envy Colt S3, Envy Prodigy S6 and Envy KOS S5 scooters.

These new spacers feature a rubber washer around them that holds them in place while installing the wheel.

These spacers DO NOT FIT Colt S1 and S2, Prodigy S4 and S5, KOS S3 and S4.

Scooter Axles and Spacers, Scooter Hardware
0.02 lbs (10 grams)
Scooter Wheel Spacers

Tools: No special tools needed

Place between deck drop-outs and wheel.

30 days warranty against manufacturing defects.