Envy KOS King Of Spades Black Gold

This is an EXAMPLE of a custom Built Scooter. Please go to custom scooter builder to start building your own. You can use the parts list below to help you.

Component Description
Deck: Envy KOS deck Black
Brake: Envy Flex Black
Grip Tape: Envy logo Blue
Bar: District AL-2 Rory Coe, no slit
Grips: ODI longneck softies blue
Fork: Tilt Nimbus Gold
Headset: Tilt integrated Gold
Compression: Tilt ARC SCS Gold
Clamp: n.a.
Front Wheel: Phoenix F1 3-spoke Black on Gold
Rear Wheel: Phoenix F1 3-spoke Black on Gold
Bearings: included with wheels
Pegs: n.a.
Weight: 7 pounds 4 ounces