Envy Flex Brake

Inward Price:
$ 14.50

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Envy Steel flex style pro scooter brake as found on the 2017 Envy Colt.  Bolts on with one bolt. Includes vibration damper and metric 8 allen bolt. Fits 100 and 110mm scooter wheels (Best with 110mm wheels).  Fits all current Envy pro scooter decks. If your deck is older, you may have to drill the hole in the deck to 8mm.

Scooter Brakes
0.20 lbs (91 grams)
Flex Brake
Powder Coated

Tools/Materials Needed: Metric # 5 allen wrench

Fits Envy and Fasen scooter decks ONLY!

60 days manufacturer warranty.