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ENVY Boxed Ends 4.75 Inch

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Envy Boxed ends can turn select Envy decks into more street style decks. These nylon boxed ends are designed to assist in grinds, stalls, and to help protect the back of your deck. These fit on the following 4.75" wide decks:

Envy One s2, Envy Colt s2, s3, Envy Prodigy s4, s5, s6, Envy KOS Heist s4, s5, Charge s4, s5, and Soul s4, s5. 2018 Raymond Warner AOS V4 LTD deck, Jon Reyes AOS V4 LTD deck, 2018 AOS V4 standard (short) deck, 2017 Jon Reyes, Ray Warner, and Wazzeh AOS V4 decks.

Scooter Pegs
0.29 lbs (130 grams)
Scooter Peg

Tools/Materials Needed: Metric # 6 Allen Wrench

60 day manufacturer warranty.