ENVY Battle Integrated Headset Cup Set

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The Envy Battle headset cup set can be used to fit an Integrated Sealed headset on a standard, non-integrated pro scooter deck. Simply press in the cups and use any 1 1/8 Campy compatible 45/45 integrated headset (Tilt, FSA, Envy, District etc.)  The headset cups are lightweight made from forged 6061 aluminum. ATTENTION: 2 Headset CUPS ONLY. Bearings are NOT included.

Scooter Headset Parts
0.44 lbs (200 grams)
Standard Threadless Headset
Tools/Materials Needed: Campy Compatible 45/45 1 1/8" integrated headset, Headset Press. If you do not have these tools, ask a  bike shop to install your headset and fork for you.

3 months warranty against manufacturing defects.