Drone RP5 Reece Prince Signature 110mm Wheel with Bearings

Scooter Wheels are ordered per piece. In case you require two scooter wheels, you can alter the quantity in your cart overview.
Inward Price:
$ 28.95

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The Drone RP5 Reece Prince Signature is a 110mm scooter wheel made of 88A urethane that works well on any surface you may encounter.

Reece Prince has been a rider with Drone from the start. These wheels have been in the works for a long time and everyone behind the product is stoked with the results. Inspired by the wheels of top of the line sports cars, the Drone RP5 wheel will certainly stand out on any build you may have in mind.

The Drone RP5 wheels are sold individually and include bearings. Keep in mind 110mm scooter wheels DO NOT fit on every scooter, please check with us or your owners manual before you buy. 

Scooter Wheels
0.56 lbs (256 grams)
110mm Scooter Wheel with Bearings
Drone Scooters
6061 Aluminum

Tools needed:

Tools to remove and install axle (may vary by scooter).

Scooter Wheel Bearing Installation and Removal: Click here

Not all pro scooters fit 110mm wheels. Please check before you buy.

Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty against de-hubbing (urethane separates from the core completely).