Chilli Snowblades Set of 2

Scooter Wheels are ordered per piece. In case you require two scooter wheels, you can alter the quantity in your cart overview.
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$ 155.00
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The new Chilli Snowblades were developed with FUNTEC and are made of high-quality carbon steel to withstand those big jumps and smooth grinds. Our unique patented concave design allows you greater control over your scooter even at high speeds and without loss of grip when carving. These Chilli snowblades are sold as a set of 2 and make an exceptional snow-scooter out of your ordinary street-scooter and are quick and easy to attached to any scooter with standard 8mm axles and 24mm wide wheels of any size (100mm, 110mm, 120mm).  View demo here:

Scooter Hardware, Scooter Wheels
6.61 lbs (3000 grams)
100mm scooter wheels
Chilli Pro Scooter
Powder Coated

Tools needed:

Tools to remove and install axle (may vary by scooter).


30 days limited Manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.