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Affinity Concave Double Clamp

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The Affinity Concave Double Clamp draws it's name from the concave like surface that creates sleek lines and great style. The clamp keeps material where it is needed and had shed it where it does not. It comes with Metric 8 bolts for extra clamping power.  The Affinity Concave Double Clamp is 1.5” tall and comes with a shim so it can be used with both standard 1 1/4" outside diameter as well as oversized 1 3/8" OD pro scooter bars and aluminum bars. Affinity Concave Double Clamp is masterfully machined, anodized, and assembled in Southern California from US sourced 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. 

Clearance, Scooter Clamps
0.23 lbs (105 grams)
Dual Scooter Clamp
Clamp Height
Made in
6061 Aluminum

Tools:  Allen wrench metric # 5 and # 6,  Ball bearing grease or anti seize compound .

Put grease on the bolt threads and under the bolt head. Place the clamp around the bottom of your pro scooter bar. Line up with slit in bar. Make sure slit is AT LEAST as long as clamp height. Slide the bar over the fork steerer tube till it hits the top of the headset. Line up the bar with the fork and front wheel. Tighten the bolts with a 6mm allen wrench. Switch between bolts while tightening to ensure even clamping and prevent stripping the threads. If you use HIC compression, tighten the compression before tightening the 2 bolts on the clamp.

Recommended Bar Slit Length: 1.5 inch

Lifetime lifetime Manufacturer warranty.