Scooter Glossary

Do you know what "Concave" means? "SCS Compression"? , "Integrated Headset"?, "6061 T6"?, "Oversized"?
Pro scooters are made of parts with names that not all of us understand. We try to explain the most commonly heard terms from the scooter industry below. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order. We will be glad to help you select the correct parts for your pro scooter.

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Scooter Bars

Scooter Bars / ICS Star Nut

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900::ICS Star Nut




To make a standard pro scooter bar work with ICS compression, a star nut is installed. The star nut has a diameter of 1 1/4 inch and is best pressed in with a star nut setting tool. Most star nuts have metric 6mm threads allowing a compression bolt to be screwed in. Most commonly, the star nut is pressed in about 2.5 inches from the bottom of the pro scooter bar’s down tube. Star nuts can easily be damaged or pulled down by over-tightening of the compression bolt. Always make sure your scooter clamp is loose when tightening the ICS compression. Some brands (Ethic, Addict) have “star nuts” welded into the scooter bar. They usually require a special compression bolt and are recommended to be used with a ICS fork from the same brand. Star Nuts do not fit in oversized (HIC) pro scooter bars.

Scooter Bars / Flangeless versus Flanged Grips

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925::Flangeless versus Flanged Grips




Grips make holding your pro scooter bar more secure and comfortable. They come in many colors and textures and with- or without flanges (flangeless). Whether you want flanges on your scooter grips is a personal preference. Because flanges sometimes cause blisters on their thumbs we find that most pro scooter riders prefer flangeless grips.

Scooter Bars / Bar End plugs

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950::Bar End plugs




Bar End Plugs come with a set of scooter grips. These are usually made of plastic and do not last very long. If you ride without them, and your pro scooter drops, the bar ends will damage and in the case of aluminum bars, “mushroom”. Eventually, your grips will get damaged and/or it becomes difficult to remove. Aluminum bar end plugs will extend the life of your pro scooter bars.

Scooter Compression Systems

Scooter Compression Systems / SCS Fork Steerer Length Recommendation

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999::SCS Fork Steerer Length Recommendation



Pro Scooter Decks from different brands come with different head tube lengths. Scooter Forks from different brands come with different steerer tube lengths. This means that not every fork will fit well on every scooter deck with SCS compression.

We recommend that the fork steerer tube has a minimum length of 1 1/4" and a maximum of 1 3/8” above the headset for 3" SCS.

A minimum of 1 3/4" and maximum of 1 7/8 above the scooter headset for 4" SCS.